Who Am I

The search for our true identity is an ever-present struggle, and one that “WHO AM I” was created to help young people to address. The nine songs that make up “WHO AM I” range from thoughtful and touching to bright and upbeat, with a dash of humour for good measure. They touch on issues of self-esteem, fitting in with others, and finding your own unique place in the world.

WHO AM I has also formed the basis for a highly successful stage production that combined the songs with a story created by the young performers themselves, using playbuilding techniques, and included original choreography. It’s the timeless, universal themes contained in the songs that made that possible.

The original 1978 recording of WHO AM I framed these songs within a story about Tony, a boy heading to summer camp for the first time, and it included several narrative tracks. While vestiges of this tale can be detected here, most notably in “Crying is OK”, we have chosen to focus on the songs themselves, which stand well on their own, and could form the basis for many other stories and interpretations. Creating such stories is a creative and fun challenge we hope that people will continue to tackle, limited only by their imaginations.