K-8 Activity Books with Audio

Challenging and fun, these activity books involve your students' visual and listening skills for an engaging experience. Benefits include:

  • Stresses essential skills
  • Individual or group use
  • Students work independently
  • Self-correcting

Our learning materials are provided as digital downloads via the Teachers Pay Teachers website. Your download includes the cards as a PDF, which can be easily photocopied onto letter-size paper; and an audio file, which can be played back on the computer or transferred to your favourite portable device.

As we continue to digitally convert these materials, they will appear here with a purchase link. For titles not yet available to download, click the "Notify Me" button and we'll let you know when they're available!

Auditory Association

Age range: 6-8 • Item #

This audio-activity book is one of a series designed to assist children in developing and reinforcing auditory perception skills, a vital link to effective reading and other learning tasks.

The odd-numbered pages are to be used with the audio tracks. A picture of a child with headphones identifies these pages. The child doing the exercises listens to the given clues and responds in a simple manner, such as circling a picture or word.

The even-numbered pages are additional exercises which may be administered by a teacher, an aide or a capable student.

Page Samples

Audio Sample

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