Category: K-8: Activity Cards

Punctuation Pointers

Designed to assist students in their understanding and use of the types of sentences and punctuation in common use – an important writing skill.

Science For Kids

Simple, thought-provoking experiments kids can easily perform – leading to the discovery of fundamental scientific principles.

Read to Reason

Encourages students to develop and practice skills in many problem-solving and reasoning areas including logic, classifying, sequencing, making inferences, decision-making and word meaning.

Dictionary Discoveries

Alphabetizing, pronunciation, parts of speech, meanings and much more are covered in this set designed to give children a broad exposure to this valuable resource.

In Search of One’s Self

Stimulating tasks to aid students in their constant search for identity through an examination of their likes, dislikes, beliefs, goals, and relationships.

Read For Meaning

Great for developing purposesful reading habits. Some of the essential skills includided are making inferences, judgments, comparison, and drawing conclusions.

Memory Skills For Reading

Activities designed to aid in developing visual memory, an extremely important skill fundamental to both simple and complex reading and learning tasks.

I Have Feelings

Designed to evoke strong feelings from children and to have them react to these feelings. Yields great insights for the perceptive teacher.

Basic Concepts for Learning

Pictorial items relating to basic concepts which are an essential part of the child’s environment and necessary for his/her early growth and development.

Rebuses/Signs & Symbols

Tasks designed to stimulate reasoning, vocabulary and other language skills reinforcement and concurrently enhance the child’s awarenes of the visual world.

Imagine & Write

These cards are designed to stimulate the child’s imagination and creativity while encouraging a freedom for individual self-expresion through writing and art.

Language, Etc.

Basic language skills are reinforced with this great variety of fun tasks that children will enjoy doing successfully.

Vocabulary, Etc.

Classification, word building, simple analogies and a host of other vocabulary-building and reinforcement tasks that will delight youngsters!

Phonics, Etc.

A great collection of stimulating puzzles and other tasks to reinforce language skills, with emphasis on phonics.

Sight Word Search

A series of puzzles using basic sight words common to primary levels – great for improving perception, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension skills.