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Survival and Beyond

survivalandbeyondSurvival and Beyond provides an opportunity to listen deeply to an elderly man discuss not only his depression but also his many suicide attempts. We meet his son, grandson and daughter-in-law, who each movingly describe their feelings about this courageous man who struggled for many years with depression and suicidal behaviors.

Perceptions of Abuse

Perceptions of AbuseThe issue as seen through the eyes of adolescents, is the story of Norman, an older man abused by his grown sons. The video provides powerful stimulus for discussion on a wide variety of sensitive topics.

Informative and thought-provoking, it underscores the importance of raising awareness at an early age about issues related to troubled families, isolation, helplessness, self-esteem, power and control.

A Need to Connect

A Need to Connect

A Need To Connect is the reflection of a young woman’s journey through her experiences as both witness to and survivor of the suicide of a loved one. She shares her tremendous grief and profound sadness with the viewer and goes on to tell the story of her own suicide attempt.

Breaking Point

Breaking PointA formerly abusive daughter relates her story. A sensitive and emotional portrayal emerges of the progression of events which create the victimization of both the daughter and the invalid mother.