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Circus matriarch Madame Rosa remains active at 103

An inspiring tale of the 103-year-old doyenne of Europe’s most famous circus – considered the big top’s most eccentric, and oldest, character. Click to read the whole story.

Health bill gives long-needed attention to elder abuse

Tucked into the huge new health care law is a whopping $777 million, spread over the next four years, for programs to prevent and prosecute elder abuse. Says one advocate, “It’s a momentous day for the victims and the people who serve them. We have been waiting for this forever.” Read the full story here.

Video: 100-year-old woman loves her iPad

Computers have gone from an arcane and technical pursuit to something that most people are familiar with in daily life… but there have still been barriers for many. Here’s an impressive example of those barriers falling down, and bringing generations together.

Bringing elder abuse to light

Note: this article, written by Grace Golightly, originally appeared in the Burnaby Now newspaper. Norman is a 76-year-old man. Over the past few years, he has been beaten several times by his two middle-aged sons, who live in the family home and are financially dependent on their father and his old-age pension. Once he was beaten… Read more »