Breaking Point

A formerly abusive daughter relates her story. A sensitive and emotional portrayal emerges of the progression of events which create the victimization of both the daughter and the invalid mother. Nancy shares her newly acquired awareness and understanding of how such a predicament might have been avoided.

Breaking Point is a powerful experience which provides insights that provoke discussion and introspection, addressing issues of concern for all generations. It is valuable viewing for all caregivers and those connected with them, either personally or professionally.

Produced by Erna WIne Maurer
Length: 22 min.
Includes resource information and facilitator’s guide
Price $75


Includes 17-page facilitator’s guide

The Breaking Point DVD includes a Facilitator’s Guide in PDF format full of helpful information, guidelines for discussion, and other resources.

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Complete Transcript
  • Presenting the video
  • Suggestions for discussion
  • Danger Signals of Overload
  • …and much more.

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