A unique and fun way to learn times tables

Hi! I’m getting in touch with teachers in the Vancouver area to let them know about a unique audio recording that helps to teach the times tables – and that kids really seem to love.

In 1979, we created “Magnificent Multiplication”, an album of funky, catchy original tunes. It was a great success, much-loved by kids and parents alike. One teacher in Florida told us: “My students not only caught on fast, but they love it just like I do. Best of all, I have had a great increase in the number of students that actually know their multiplication facts automatically.”

We’ve now brought this recording into the digital age with a CD and downloadable version. I hope you’ll give it a listen – click here for a brief audio sample. It’s a blast from the past that I think remains charming, catchy – and effective.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy Magnificent Multiplication!

Adam Abrams
Wise Owl Multimedia